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You may have noticed the Internet all aflutter this month as rumors circulated that TV humor writer Rick Polito is actually the jokester behind George Takei’s wildly popular Facebook page. So do ghostwriters really run George Takei’s Facebook page? Maybe. Does it matter? Nope. Not at all. Here’s why… The “Controversy” Media blogger Jim Romenesko […]

According to the Internets the first week in March is National Ghostwriters Week. Boo! It’s ok, you don’t have to be scared; ghostwriters are real, living writers working in a variety of industries, including yours. So what is a ghostwriter, and why are ghostwriters important? How can hiring a ghostwriter benefit your business? Put simply, […]

Writers used to be a rare breed: brooding Hemingway-types squirreled away in coffee shops with notebooks, or typing furiously in their bathrobe in a Manhattan apartment. Now everyone is a writer, and, since your company needs Web representation, everyone has to be a writer, right? Why hire someone to do something that you could do […]