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Ready to whip your content into shape?! We identify low-performing content with the greatest potential to rank and help you zhoosh it up. From the front-end writing to the back-end DIY SEO, we’ll help you choose the best blog content candidates and optimize for effective content improvement.


Time to get real: there is A LOT of crap content out there today.

In fact (tough love time) there may even be some not-so-great content lurking in the archives of your blog. We all get better with time and practice. Chances are, some of your older posts are probably not performing at their peak.

Much like clutter, as years pass, blog content accumulates. Before you know it, you’ve got a lot of outdated, low performing posts on your site, crowding out your quality content. Unfortunately, this crap content clogs up your site and drags down your search ranks.

At Posts By Ghost, we’ll give it to you straight (but don’t worry, we’re super nice and we’re here to help)!

We offer a full range of content improvement services:

  • Detailed lists of your content to identify low-performing posts.
  • Assistance with “bucketing” your content by performance.
  • Assessment of keyword ranks, as well as social ranks like Pinterest and Facebook.
  • Front and back-end blog content improvement including writing and SEO.
  • Assistance with redirection, optimization, and more…


From keyword ranks to social ranks, the Posts By Ghost team considers every element of a post before categorizing it as low performing. Just like regular spring cleaning keeps your house feeling fresh, content improvement is vital to keeping your blog performing.

Don’t worry, we’re staffed with experienced writers and SEO experts. We’ll walk you through the DIY SEO steps and help you with a game plan for content improvement. Some posts need a minor sprucing up (we can do that), while others need an overhaul (we can do that, too).

Content improvement means taking the steps to optimize and handle what’s already on your blog so the Google Gods (and your readers) find the good stuff! If you’re ready to go from good to great, we can take you there, so what are you waiting for?!

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