Industries We Write:

  1. Lifestyle Bloggers & Influencers

    milwaukee content marketing ghostwritersBlogging for profit is hard work. Really hard work. When you find yourself without enough time to serve your expanding readership, it might be time to hand off some of that blog writing. What kind of content do your readers LOVE? We’ll help you analyze your best content, then create more in your exact style and tone. Need an SEO audit and/or help with SEO? We’ve got you covered there, too. We free up your time so you can do more of everything that makes you so interesting to your followers!

  2. Information Technology (IT), Managed Services & Technology

    milwaukee content marketing ghostwritersWe’re nerds. Nerds who know IT doesn’t have to be boring. We write about trends in technology, network security, IoT, AI, VR, OS, SaaS, cloud migration, big data, managed services, apps, gaming, skills gap and staffing issues, wearables, and so much more.  We’ve got more acronyms than the U.S. Military and we will science the heck out of your content.

  3. Marketing & Creative Agencies

    milwaukee content marketing ghostwritersYour clients need 100% of your brilliant and creative superbrains—and then some. We not only serve as a team of supplementary writers for agencies, we also help marketers like you get your brand message across, so you have more time to focus on your clients.  We’re the marketer’s marketers and we love marketer marketing. Wait. Yes.

  4. Software as a Service (SaaS)

    milwaukee content marketing ghostwritersSaaS businesses are unique.When you’re selling immaterial wisps of the cloud, it can be hard to communicate the benefits to your customers back down here on Earth.  We take your prospects and customers from, “I don’t get this,” to “We CANNOT LIVE without this.” We write great content for CRM, IT/helpdesk, accounting, email marketing, and project management SaaS.

  5. Business & Leadership

    milwaukee content marketing ghostwritersFrom startup entrepreneur to seasoned CEO, let me guess: you’re pretty damn busy, right? Of course you are. You’re running the show—and the show must go on. So, are you generating leads through your website…or is it just kind of sitting there? You deserve a team of curious writers ready and willing to dive into your business, get to the heart of what you do and WHY, and shoot that message out to your prospects and customers. Let’s bring new business to YOUR door.

People We Help:

  • C-Level Leadership at Small- to Medium-Sized Businesses
    without a full internal marketing department

  • In-House Marketing Coordinators
    without a writing + SEO powerhouse to get the work done

  • Marketing and Creative Agencies
    without an internal content writing team

Happy Clients...