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Can your prospects and customers FIND your website? Do they LOVE your content?

Is your website content working FOR your business, catching attention and generating qualified leads?

If not, the problem could be how your website content is written.


We can help.

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  • We write searchable, shareable corporate blog posts, articles, website content, app content, white papers and eBooks to help you reach your audience and gain more new business.


    We're a team of writers who understand SEO. We write web content that works.

    What does that mean? It means our content is different.

  • While we know good writing, we also know good writing is no longer good enough.

    Only GREAT writing boosts your search engine rankings.

    That's why we've upped the game. We use a combination of paid and free SEO tools to ensure your content helps you rank higher on Google and reach more of your target audience.

  • As professional ghostwriters who write for the web, we understand the importance of writing in your company voice.

    We do the SEO research required, then we write comprehensive, compelling content web searchers can't ignore.

    Great content is right around the corner.


We're Bloggers At Heart

We love blogging. (But you don't have to call it that!)

We love blogging!blog writing servicesCreate a blog for your business and you’re opening doors to a world of blogging benefits. A great blog will increase your website traffic, boost your search engine optimization, forge new connections with your ideal prospects, grab more of that precious attention from your existing customer base, and so much more.

Maybe you want a blog, but don’t know where to start. Maybe you have a blog, but regular updates are always the last item on your to-do list. Maybe you’re not sure how to write a great blog post. No matter the reason, the professional writers at Posts By Ghost can help.

We can offer you tips for better blogging within your organization. We can edit your blog posts until they’re nice and shiny. We can even write your blog for you. Every week. No hassle. So you don’t have to.

At Posts By Ghost, we take the time to get to know your business, your overall marketing strategy, your industry, and your brand. Our blog strategists and blog writers are trained to meld seamlessly into your organization. Our ghostwriters write from your point of view, allowing you to showcase your expertise.

After all, you are THE expert in your field. It’s time to show your stuff. It’s time for Posts By Ghost. Colin_favicon

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