Writers used to be a rare breed: brooding Hemingway-types squirreled away in coffee shops with notebooks, or typing furiously in their bathrobe in a Manhattan apartment. Now everyone is a writer, and, since your company needs Web representation, everyone has to be a writer, right? Why hire someone to do something that you could do yourself?

Presumably your company is not based around writing, but something else. To have presence on the Internet, to increase your visibility to clients, customers, and competitors, you need updated and dynamic web content. Writing quality, SEO-friendly content takes time. To write a weekly blog post that drives traffic to your website, even an extremely proficient writer requires an hour or two. Do you have a spare hour or two a week? Does anyone?

“But I Know My Company Better Than Anyone Else”

Obviously no one knows your industry the way that you do. You’re the expert. The content on your website should reflect your knowledge and prove that you are THE leader in your industry. Unfortunately, most busy CEOs have to delegate the task of updating their website to an assistant or an intern, and then those updates fall through the cracks. “Updating the Website” is often the last thing on every company’s task list, but your website is the first representation of your company that people see. So if your content gets stale, or if you have a blog but no updates, customers will assume that your site reflects the way you run your business.

SEO Scammers: No Replacement for Great Content Writers

There are companies that promise “tricks” to help your business move up the Google ranks. I’ve heard these tricksters offer schemes like creating a second website with SEO content, or posting hundreds of strangely worded articles around the web with your company’s name and website address on them. The language used is often horrifyingly discombobulated and just plain bad. If a customer stumbled upon some of these items, they would be very confused about your business. Not only that, but these tricks simply don’t work and they are unprofessional. If someone offers to do this for you, run the other way. Save your money and spend it hiring an actual writer who knows what they are doing: writing authentic and professional SEO-friendly web content to boost your Google rank.

How a Writer Drives Search Engine Traffic to Your Website

To write something that can be easily found on the Internet, the language must be very specific. Often, it takes some wordsmith sorcery to create coherent blog posts and web content that drives business and traffic to your website. Yes, you can learn to do it, but it takes work, and work takes time–which takes you away from the more important things you have to do (like running your business).

A quality writer will work with you to capture your tone and style, presenting you with web content that represents you and your company in a way that you can feel proud to put your name on. A great writer will thoroughly research to best understand your industry. A great writer will create changing and evolving content that will drive customers to your website, and not frighten them away with confusing nonsensical language. A great writer will give you the time to focus on your business as a whole, so you don’t have to worry about your website.

In short, hiring a SEO-knowledgeable web content writer is the best way to drive traffic to your company website, and a great way to save a lot of time.

Hey, this is what we do here at Posts By GhostTM. We’ve got this. Let your secretary, assistant, or intern focus on helping you run the company, and move that “Update the Website” item off the bottom of your to do list.

Questions about hiring a writer for YOUR business? Wondering how Posts By GhostTM can save you time? Would you like a bite of this cookie? Contact Posts By GhostTM or leave a comment below!

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