Well, it’s already happened. We launched Posts By Ghost™ on February 1st, and I already forgot to post last week. Sound familiar? Yea, if you have a blog, this has happened to you. Maybe more than once. Well you should definitely feel bad about yourself and quit blogging all together. I’M KIDDING!

Listen here:

  • A.) It’s not the end of the world, so give yourself a break.
  • B.) YOU NEED A PLAN to ensure your blog is regularly updated.

Life gets in the way of updating your business blog once a week. Maybe you got sick, or maybe you had an unexpected family event, or maybe you were just too damn busy. (Guilty as charged, right here.) Look, it happens to the best of us.

Just keep going. Get right back on the horse and continue writing and updating your blog. Regularly updated website content, via blogging for example, is GREAT for search engine optimization (SEO).

Last on the List

Yes, yes: I write blog posts for a living. So why would I admit to missing a Posts By Ghost™ blog post? Because I (like you) am very busy running a business. So while I’m in the middle of paperwork, reading the latest industry updates, lead generation, delegating assignments, making connections, attending events, and remembering to eat (all so we can consistently present our best work to our clients day by day)—sometimes a few marketing items collect a bit of dust.

So blogging is last on my list sometimes, too. Not YOUR blog. MY blog. I “admit” this because I’m a big proponent for authenticity, especially when blogging. For me, authenticity means you deserve honesty from the source. (Call me authentic fringe all you want; Godin’s my freakin’ hero.)

How to Write & Post to Your Blog Every Week

Here is the formula I recommend to my clients so their blogs stay regularly updated with excellent content, every single week, without fail.

Love Your Blog Idea Sheet

  • Blog idea sheets are marvelous, and most passionate business owners already have a Blog Idea Sheet and don’t even know it! Your Blog Idea Sheet is everything you should be writing about on your blog—even if it’s not a sheet, and even if the ideas aren’t yours. Your Blog Idea Sheet is your collection of interesting articles and links, your ideas scribbled on Post-its and napkins, your intentional collection of media files or your unintentional collection of marketing collateral—ALL of that. Each post-it, jot list, scribble, and idea drawer holds at least one inspiring blog topic, relevant to your industry and your business. You just need to make it your own and watch the blog posts flow forth. If you’re not regularly stowing away inspiration, take this as a kick in the pants and start now.

Build Up Your Post Stash

  • You’re going to want to write up at least three or four blog posts in advance, so you always have a cache of posts to use when life disrupts even your most stalwart plans to post. Depending upon your industry, your blog posts may hinge on timeliness. If this is the case, be sure your stash posts are on broader, less timely topics. If you write in a more traditional industry, then by all means, write up six months of blog posts in advance to get that to-do item off your plate.

Set an Editorial Calendar and Stick to It

  • An editorial calendar will help remind you when to update your blog. This might be as simple as scheduling an entry on your Google Calendar every Tuesday simply stating, “Update Blog.” But maybe you have more than one blog post content writer, or maybe you like to write your blog entries a few days in advance so you have time to edit. Whatever steps are required to regularly create blog posts and get that blog updated need to go on your editorial calendar!

Hire a Blog Post Content Writer

  • Look, it doesn’t have to be Posts By Ghost™. A great blog writer will bring your Blog Idea Sheet to life and save you a ton of hassle. All I’m saying is you may come to realize writing and regularly updating your blog is quite time-consuming, and perhaps your time is best used doing what you do best: running your business.

In short, regularly updated & relevant blog content is great for SEO, so it’s important you keep at it, even when you get behind. Use your Blog Idea Sheet to build up a stash of extra blog posts. Consider hiring a blog post writer to really bring your ideas to life—and to save you time.

What methods do you use to keep your blog up-to-date? What’s the most difficult part about keeping your blog updated? When’s the last time you saw a pink hippopotamus? Contact Posts By GhostTM or leave a comment below!

Phra Phrom courtesy of Flickr user mabahamo.

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